The “Drums” course is designed to help students improve rhythm and technique as it pertains to band dynamics and worship. We will be discussing timeless approaches to percussion as well as unpacking modern methods for designing worship sets.





Originally from Boston, Lindsay started playing percussion at the age of 10 after her music teacher asked her to join the school’s percussion ensemble. Throughout middle and high school, Lindsay developed her musicianship. She was involved in various concert bands, jazz band, and marching band. While attending UCF, she performed with the Marching Knights; Jammin’ Knights; and Concert Band. Upon graduating college, Lindsay joined the Army where she continued to serve on and lead worship teams. Lindsay has attended UCUMC and has served on the worship team since 2010. Through serving at UCUMC, she discovered her passion for worship and the desire to encourage others in their pursuit to discover the gifts God has given them to serve Him and others.