The course will cover the fundamentals of bass playing and the role in today’s worship music.  You will learn beginning bass left and right hand technique, easy bass lines and bass rhythm patterns for common chord progressions. We will teach the “number system” for chord changes, as used by UCUMC Worship team.  Ear training and listening for bass will be incorporated into the lessons. You will explore how to get a good sound/tone, identifying parts of the instrument.


Meet the Instructor:

Ward B&W.jpg

Ward Dumigan

Originally from New York, Ward has been establishing his place in the local Orlando music scene as both a bassist and recording sideman, across all musical genres, for over three decades. He performed on UCUMC’s "Three Nails" (released in 2013), and more recently on Buddy Blues’ album "Wrong Side of the Blues" released in 2016 to wide acclaim in the Blues community (Spotify). His own music can be found on the Tame Productions label, which he formed and which has drawn strong interest from many peers. Ward’s passion for the bass guitar has been matched in more recent years by his passion for sharing musical knowledge. He enjoys teaching and learning from students, who gain valuable feedback and critique of their assignments in person or online (Skype). Ward and his wife Donna have attended UCUMC since 2006, and he has been a continuing presence on the worship team for the past 8 years.