In Guitar 1 we will be working through several different keys to teach students the details of song formulation. We don’t want to simply teach easy chords, we want to give students the knowledge of the how and why music works. We will be using the Number system in this class (as well as most instrument classes).


Meet the instructors

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Steve Terry

Steve received a guitar for Christmas at age 12 after watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. When, at 18, he started playing for worship at his home church in Clarksdale, MS (historical birthplace of the Blues) at the very beginning stages of contemporary Christian music. After seeing contemporary Christian group "Truth" perform at his church, Steve knew God was calling him to do this in some form during his lifetime. He joined contemporary Christian group Charity after graduating from college traveling around the country performing at churches across the U.S. Steve has more than 50 years’ experience in various groups performing classic rock, new country, blues and contemporary Christian music which includes opening for major recording artists. He has spent the last five years as part of the UCUMC Praise Team. He is a recent early retiree and wakes up every morning thanking God for another day in paradise living the dream with his wife Peggy. He is looking forward to sharing what God has blessed him with over the years.


Drew Miller

I started playing guitar at age 12, and have been playing ever since. I have always been fascinated with song theory, and love dissecting how songs are arranged, composed, and inspired. I started writing my own music at an early age, and have now written and recorded over 25 songs. I am a full time worship director at University Carillon United Methodist Church and began leading worship in corporate settings at age 15. I love to Worship the Lord, especially through music! I started teaching guitar at a local private school (International Community School) in 2010 and still teach there to this day. I love being a part of people’s journey through music and worship, and it is a joy to impart all that I have learned (over the past 20 years) into others!